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In a world that thrives on innovation, St. Augustine College stands at the forefront of blended learning education.

Navigating the Future: The Beauty of Blended Learning at St. Augustine College

Are you ready to embark on a transformative educational journey that combines the best of traditional wisdom with modern technology? If so, St. Augustine College invites you to explore its dynamic blended learning programs that will place you at the forefront for future success.

Discover the Power of Blended Learning

St. Augustine College has crafted a learning experience that seamlessly merges the convenience of online education with the personal touch of on-campus classes. With its blended learning programs, students reap the benefits of flexibility to shape their schedules and from the invaluable connections and resources available on campus. The beauty of this blended learning approach is that it has been adapted to a world that thrives on innovation, keeping pace with the education demands of a new-world era.

Redefining Education

At St. Augustine College, students can dive into a learning experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional education and offers them the flexibility to tailor their individual education needs. This revolutionary approach of blended learning education has been carefully refined, seamlessly integrating online and on-campus experiences.

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Flexibility in Learning: A Key Pillar of Blended Education

St. Augustine College faculty heads understand the diverse commitments of students, offering a flexible learning environment that allows students to pursue advanced studies without compromise, no matter their lifestyles or existing commitments.

Technology in Education: Enhancing the Learning Experience

Students can explore the role of technology in education with state-of-the-art online platforms and interactive tools. These create a virtual classroom that fosters engagement and collaboration, enhancing the learning experience and making education accessible and more enriching.

The Human Element in Blended Learning

While acknowledging that technology plays a vital role in education, St. Augustine also believes in the power of human connection. The college on-campus sessions allow face-to-face interactions, discussions, and networking. Students will discover how the human element complements the virtual aspect of blended learning, creating a holistic educational experience.

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A Global Community of Blended Learners

St. Augustine College brings together a global community of blended learners where fellow students from different corners of the world can share insights and perspectives. This enables students to experience the richness of diversity in thought and culture, making their educational journey academically fulfilling and culturally enriching.

Beyond Boundaries: Blended Learning for the Future

Students can explore how the skills gained through blended learning place them at the forefront of success in a rapidly evolving global landscape. The education program teaches them the skills of adaptability, technological proficiency, and effective communication.

Why Choose Blended Learning?


Don’t wait to seize the opportunities that blended learning at St. Augustine College provides. Explore our blended learning programs, connect with a global community, and step into a future where learning knows no boundaries.

Join us in shaping your path to a brighter future and a more empowered you. If you are ready to embark on an educational adventure, register now and take the first step towards a life-changing experience.

St. Augustine College offers compelling reasons why it is an ideal choice for international students who wish to study online. Known for its commitment to diversity and providing unique learning experiences, the college has established a solid foundation from which international students can embark on an educational journey to gain a global perspective that transcends borders. 

St Augustine College is ideal for international students seeking an enriching and diverse learning experience and, in this article, we explore why St Augustine College in Johannesburg, South Africa, is an international gateway to a world-class education.

Meet Some Faculty Members

St Augustine has a diverse and multi-faceted faculty to support its global approach to learning. President is Professor Terry Sacco. This dynamic powerhouse is an eminent educator and author who has adopted an eclectic mix of philosophies in her approach to education. “I desire to bring together the discourses and practice of education, social justice, spirituality, development, and reconciliation so that the human community moves into the future with hope and concern for each other and the earth.”

The Academic Dean (also Head of Philosophy and Applied Ethics) is Professor Jaco Kruger, a man with a gentle spirit and a passion for integral ecological thinking. He encourages learning through dialogue and fervently believes that philosophy is as much a way of life as an academic discipline.

Fr Martin Badenhorst is Head of Theology. He is multi-talented and generously shares his gifts with others. His way of being, knowledge and thinking is inclusive of all faiths. His ease with a wide range of disciplines spans and includes: Christian and Jewish Scriptures, Ecumenism, Interreligious Dialogue, Theology and Gender Diversity and the Relationship between Faith and Science.

Dr Justin Sands, an American who wants to make South Africa his permanent home, confesses that he is “hooked on theology.” Dr Sands is a senior lecturer and is responsible for supervising postgraduate students.

Postgraduate Studies Offer Unparalleled Diversity

The St Augustine College postgraduate programs in humanities, social sciences and theology provide a unique opportunity for students to engage in diverse perspectives and foster an inclusive learning environment that prepares them for a globally interconnected world. The college is home to students from all corners of the planet, creating opportunities for dialogue between people from different geographical and cultural spaces thereby stimulating personal and academic development. 

Home from Home: Johannesburg Life for International Students

Situated in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, St Augustine offers international students more than academic quality. They can explore the dynamic Johannesburg lifestyle that blends modernity with cultural heritage and discovery of  how the college campus becomes a home away from home, providing a supportive community for academic and personal journeys.

Blended Learning: Bridging Continents for Academic Excellence

At St Augustine College, students experience the flexibility of online learning while enjoying the benefits of on-campus engagement. The college offers a refreshingly innovative blended learning approach based on the challenges faced by international students. This novel approach to learning enables students to seamlessly integrate into an academic community, no matter from what part of the world they originate.

Success Stories: International Alumni Making Waves Worldwide

Join the ranks of successful international St Augustine graduates who have made significant contributions globally, making waves in diverse fields, from groundbreaking research to influential leadership roles. Explore how this global network can open doors to exciting opportunities for a postgraduate journey.

Beyond Borders: Environmental Sustainability and Global Citizenship

St Augustine College offers more than academic excellence, it is also about instilling values of global citizenship. Discover how its commitment to the Laudato Si’ Action Plan and the new Laudato Deum aligns with aspirations for a sustainable and responsible future. Engage in initiatives that go beyond borders, positively impacting the world.

Your Journey Starts Here: A Guide for Prospective International Students

If you are ready to embark on a transformative academic journey, St. Augustine College warmly invites international students to discover its world-class programs, connecting with a vibrant community of global learners, and take the first step towards your dreams!

Why Choose St Augustine College?

Dive into diverse programs designed to empower you with knowledge, skills, and experiences that transcend borders.

Join a welcoming and culturally rich community of international students who share your passion for learning and exploring new horizons. Forge lifelong friendships, exchange ideas, and grow together as global citizens.

The St Augustine College admissions team will guide you every step of the way. From academic advising to visa support, the team is committed to ensuring your transition is seamless and stress-free.

Many students all around the world struggle with the decision to continue their studies. Postgraduate programmes include Honours, Masters and Doctorates –  the esteemed recognition many graduates covet. We understand that this decision involves significant time and financial commitment, but let’s look at the positives.

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Job roles and managerial positions often demand a postgraduate qualification

This is probably the most important motivation to take into account. Are you studying in a field where specific roles are strictly reserved for those with postgraduate diplomas or degrees? In many industries, the recruitment benchmark used to be Bachelor’s degrees. However, Honours and Masters degree is the new Bachelor’s degree.

Further your knowledge and gain expertise in your chosen field

Apart from career and earning potential, postgraduate studies enable students with a genuine passion for a specific subject to explore it in greater depth. This can be exciting for inquiring intellectuals looking to steep themselves in an area of study and gain greater familiarity in that area. Mentors who encourage class participation and engagement with peers who share the same interests can have a profound impact on your future work.

Facilitate career change and enhance flexibility

If you’re eyeing a particular career transition or desire the flexibility to explore different avenues in your chosen field, a postgraduate qualification can facilitate your plans. A one-year Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate can pave the way for further specialisation.

Broaden your professional network

Pursuing further studies often opens up new opportunities for future employment, business ventures, research, and collaboration. Networking becomes a natural extension of this experience as you interact with intellectuals, professionals, and researchers worldwide. These academic contacts can prove invaluable in the long run, fostering strong professional and research relationships.

Boost your chances of promotion

Fast-track your career progression with a postgraduate degree. A postgraduate qualification equips you with skills if you’re seeking substantial recognition from influential stakeholders and decision-makers. The academic challenge and commitment required to complete postgraduate education signals to others that you’re a worthy candidate for promotion and career advancement as you demonstrate the grit and commitment to complete a lonely task.

Embark on your postgraduate journey at St Augustine College

Looking for postgraduate education options in South Africa? St Augustine offers Postgraduate Degrees, Short Courses and Certificates. Find out more by visiting our website, or checking out our socials.

Distance Learning at St. Augustine’s College: Always together however far apart.

Some institutions expect you to always be on campus, others teach via correspondence where you never meet your lecturer or other students. Here at St. Augustine’s we chart a different path through blended learning. What we mean by ‘blended’ is that our classes are online. Lectures are presented live. You join lectures, receive your materials, and meet and participate with fellow students via Google Classroom. So, through blended learning we get the best of both worlds: a vibrant, engaging, and live classroom, yet, students are able to join in from anywhere in the world.

The College is accredited by the national Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), through the Council for Higher Education (CHE) to offer their range of qualifications including BTh (Hons), Master of Philosophy in Theology and Doctor of Philosophy in Theology.

Ready to Join?

St Augustine offers short courses, certificate courses and a range of degrees from the bachelors through to the doctorate level, all of which are recognised and accredited by the relevant branches of South Africa’s Department of Higher Education and Training.
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