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Hello and welcome to the testimonials page of the St Augustine website.

This space is reserved for stories and feedback from some of our past and present students who have benefited from our courses, programs and services. Whether you are looking for academic support, career guidance or personal development, we have something for you. This section will show you how our students have achieved their goals, overcome their challenges and enjoyed their experiences with St Augustine College of South Africa. We hope that these testimonials will inspire you to join St Augustine and become part of our community.

Bennie Isaacs

St Augustine College
I realise looking back that every assignment given by God, may not always have been a favourite one, however it was and still is necessary to complete for my personal growth development, keeping in mind that my most rewarding experiences started beyond my comfort zone and that’s the journey at St. Augustine and finally at NWU where my academic journey took a slight detour and back to St. Augustine’s again. I believe now that my greatest accomplishments came from a place of discomfort and that was in challenging myself to complete this academic journey. Soli Deo gloria.

To my family at St. Augustine’s, I salute the grace, patience and guidance for I considered myself the slowest or even the weakest in my class but the support of everyone on the academic structures for sacrificing time and their professionalism. And to my family, classmates, friends, prayer warriors and loved ones, I’m in awe of the support, encouragement and love…. we survived a pandemic, suffered huge personal setbacks physically, mentally and spiritually as a collective, but through solid technological interventions of teaching platforms that allowed for many of my classmates & self to reach our personal milestones.

Some of the greatest lessons learnt through this academic journey with St. Augustine’s are the commitment to complete, trusting God, prayer, staying focussed, self-awareness and belief, humility, become a student for life and being teachable while embracing my weaknesses. The St. Augustine’s ethos forever remains imparted in me going forward and as a B.Th. Graduate, I have the privileged of upholding these ethical values. Thank you for trusting me, especially Dr. St. Judith Coyle who opened this academic door to St. Augustine’s. May God Bless you.

To the support staff = Angels covered in patience, your guidance and patience was a blessing
To the lecturers = What an honour and privilege it was “drinking from your well of knowledge”
To classmates = An Angelic force from God, we support for each other
To my family, all my children, servants in God’s army, colleagues and friends…. we did it!
This degree I dedicate to my late parents, more especially my mother who didn’t have any formal education. May your beautiful souls continue to R.I.P.
To God Almighty = thank you.
And lastly, my Lord and saviour… Jesus Christ, you always show up!!!

Terry Foster

St Augustine College
I have studied and lectured at many tertiary institutions and Business Schools in South Africa but St Augustine College changed my heart.

Michael Khorommbi

BA graduate, 2015
I was lucky to have lecturers who reached out to me not only as academic mentors, but also as models of excellence and commitment.

Fr Petros Parginos

PhD candidate
My association with the College has challenged me, nurtured me, enriched me and broadened my worldview.

Anastasia De Vries

Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy
I chose St Augustine above all previous institutions I studied at as the intellectual home for my doctoral study. The reason? More than a home, I found a family where I am not just a number but a valuable, deserving human being destined to grow and flourish in a challenging academic environment. Yes, St Augustine is the place where I’ve been challenged more than I thought possible – intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and often, physically – but always strengthened by the knowledge that the guidance, support, and encouragement of the staff at St Augustine, particularly my supervisor Dr Jaco Kruger, will not allow me to give up on my studies or myself. I found a home, a family, I said. More and more I come to think St Augustine found me. I belong. I am St Augustine, proudly St Augustine. I would want this sense of home, of family, of belonging for every student considering tertiary education

Atty Sobayeni

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Peace Studies
I joined the St. Augustine family back in 2021. Am studying Peace Studies (Hons).
My experience has been nothing less than great. The teaching staff are very friendly, understanding of their students’ backgrounds, always well prepared and well read. I find that very stimulating.

I really enjoyed the lectures or class sessions we had with all the lecturers, they were very educational, experiential and relevant to today’s world, particularly in Peace Studies.

I think I have learned to approach life very differently with newer insights since my time at St. Augustine and my quest for living a peaceful life has reached another level, however difficult in practice.

I certainly would encourage any person who is interested in tertiary studies, particularly in Peace Studies, to enroll with the College. The experience more than just academic learning, it’s experiential and relevant to life.
I also found that the administration staff very efficient; queries were always responded to quite expeditiously at any time. Thanks for the efficiency

Coto Makaba

Master of Philosophy in Theology
My experience with St Augustine has been a very exciting and enriching one. What I have found to be unequalled is the high standard required for academic performance. Challenging though I found it to be initially I eventually got used to it. This experience straddled to the rest of my life, and I learnt to be very particular in whatever I did research in. The patience of the lecturers and the collegiality encouraged among us as students enriched one’s worldview and impacted one’s everyday life. I will never forget the helpfulness and courtesy of the staff made the college a place where one felt safe enough to be themselves. In short, I grew immensely – not just academically but also socially -during the tears I spent in St Augustine

Gisele Kalil

Doctor of Philosophy in Theology
I undertook to study at Saint Augustine College of South Africa, as their Mission and Vision resonates with my values. While studying my Master’s degree, I found that the modules offered were of a very high standard and were covered by well qualified lecturers from all over the world. Additionally, the curriculum for this degree was well structured and efficiently carried out. Completing my Master’s degree at Saint Augustine was such a great experience for me that I decided to pursue my Doctoral degree with them as well. I feel that the process for this Doctoral degree is rigorous and meticulous, providing constructive and personal interaction between the supervisor and the student, thereby thoroughly equipping the student in their chosen field of study. The environment is peaceful given that the staff are warm, engaging and always available to assist, and the premises are clean and neat.

Dr Jacobus Erasmus

Doctor of Philosophy in Theology
The wonderful thing about St Augustine College is the professionalism, helpfulness, and friendliness of the staff. Whichever field you study, you can be confident that your tutors will be highly knowledgeable about the field. If you have problem or question or confusion, you simply reach out to the staff, who are always willing to help. Finally, the staff treat you with incredible respect, and they value you as fellow human being. Overall, the experience has been wonderful for me, and I highly recommend St Augustine College

Portia Mashinini

Master of Philosophy in Theology
My experience as a student at St Augustine has been a journey of self-discovery, knowledge acquisition and absolute joy. Through my academic journey I have discovered a world that once hidden. The lecturers are attentive and present throughout

Leanne Hunt

Master of Philosophy in Theology
I was delighted when I found out that St Augustine College offers a masters degree in Christian Spirituality and that it was being offered online. The course itself has exceeded my expectations, providing depth in areas I was previously interested in and challenging my thinking in areas I hadn’t thought to question. I can heartily recommend the college to students who are looking for an intimate classroom experience where the lecturer takes a personal interest in your progress, and to anyone who enjoys focusing on one subject per term. The format makes for a very natural and integrated learning experience.

Moya Nkosi

At St. Augustine Catholic University (SACSA) I was able to tap into the most elusive intellectual freedom that of researching in peace (r.i.p).The staff at SACSA enable students to step out of their comfort zone, while also ensuring that they acquire new knowledge while thinking over the old. As a final year* MPhil Applied Ethics Specialisation in Business Ethics, my research study ensures that I practice what I am learning,- to be more engaged, strive for excellence and conduct business in an ethical manner. Make enquires, apply- share your experiences and learn from others along the way!
Master of Philosophy in Applied Ethics

Zolani Makalima

Master of Philosophy in Applied Ethics
I have found St Augustine College of South Africa is not only a theory based but also praxis oriented academic institution.
Its academic approach and focus is informed by context and unique needs of our society in a socio economically developing country in Africa.
High academic standards are maintained and encouraged at all times.
The institution is not only physically homely, but also the mood and spirit is that of a home.
Good care is taken in terms of academic support to students, thus ensuring that each student derives value from their studies and complete their study programmes.
Leaders of tomorrow, yes, leaders that are ideal for our societies now are groomed and developed at St Augustine College of South Africa.
St Augustine College of South Africa is an institution to be and to pursue one’s academic dreams

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