St Augustine Papers  Vol16 2015

St Augustine Papers Vol16 2015

  • Faller, P. "Is Meditation a Thing for Children?"
  • Blackie, M.A.L. "Mysticism and Spiritual Formation: Developing a Simple Model of Spiritual Development"
  • Martin, M.L. "Medical Science and Spirituality in Dialogue"
  • Evans, J. "Pope Francis and the Creation of Evangelii Gaudium"
  • Thönissen, C. "Holiness Integrated into the field of Spirituality"
  • Juma, M. Book Review: Democracy: More than Just Elections (2015) by B. Bam
  • Duncan, G.A. Book Review: Keeping Body and Soul Together (2015) by B. Haddad
  • Duncan, G.A. Book Review: What’s divine about Divine Law? (2015) by C. Hayes
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