St Augustine Papers  Vol14 Part 2 2013

St Augustine Papers Vol14 Part 2 2013

  • Haldane, J. "Understanding the Human: The Necessity of Philosophy for Education and Research"
  • Smurthwaite, M. "Applied Ethics, Interdisciplinarity and Education in an African Context"
  • Ugwuanyi, L. "Towards an Educational Philosophy for the Human Sciences in Africa"
  • Schmidt, J.M. & da Rocha Kustner, C. "Whose Voice is Talking? Literary Narratives as a Tool for Transformative Pedagogy around HIV/AIDS and Gender Perceptions"
  • Glencross, M.  "Towards a Philosophy of Mathematical Literacy"
  • Duncan, G. Book Review: South Africa Mali Timbuktu Manuscript Project
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