St Augustine Papers  Vol 18 2017

St Augustine Papers Vol 18 2017

  • Graham , T. “Historical and Contemporary Debates in Knowledge Production: Considerations for the Intellectual Role”
  • Moore. G.A. “What are the challenges and opportunities for the UN-mandated fact-finding mission to Myanmar?
  • Wardle, W.J. “Peace and Non-Violent Conflict Transformation as a Way of Life: Focusing on Gulalai Ismail of Pakistan as a Case Study
  • Pasques, H. “The South African War (1889-1902) and Post-War Afrikaner Identity:  An Impact of Violence on the Construction of Ethnic-Social Identity
  • Matikiti, R. “John Calvin and Politics: Did Calvinist Churches Approve of the Coup d’État in Zimbabwe?
  • Wielenga, C. Book Review: Apology and Reconciliation in International Relations: The Importance of Being Sorry (2016) by C. Daase, S. Engert et al. (eds.)
  • Cupido, E. Book Review: What if There Were No Whites in South Africa? (2015) by F. Haffaje
  • Smurthwaite, M.E. Book Review: Globalization and Sustainable Development: A Business Perspective (2016) by M. Oyevaar, D.  Vázques-Brust et al.
  • Tiernan, B.R. Book Review: Missionary Martyrs of Rhodesia & Zimbabwe, 1976-1988 (2017) by T. Roger
  • Duncan, G.A. Book Review: Bible and Theology from the Underside of Empire (2016) by V. Vellem, P. Sheerattan-Bisnauth et al.
  • Irvine, D. “Citation of Br Jude Pieterse and Mr Paddy Kearney” (Other Voices section)

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