St Augustine Papers Vol 10  Part 2 2009

St Augustine Papers Vol 10 Part 2 2009

  • Raidt, E. “Sankofa – Learning from the past to build the future: St Augustine College of South Africa: the past and the future"
  • Van Heerden, M   “Three Sophists – what a university must not be”
  • Makgoba, M.W. “Knowledge/Research: Opportunities for South African Universities in the context of globalisation in transition”
  • Moss, Rodney L. Theology and the Academy: Mutual Enrichment?”
  • Greaves, D. “The idea of a university in a networked world”
  • Nxumalo, J. “A Catholic Institute of Higher Education in the South African Social Context”
  • Simkins, C.  “The University as Human Capital Factory: Teaching and Research from an Economic point of View”
  • De Kadt, R. “Universities in the 21st Century: Challenges of South Africa”
  • Habib, A. “Responding to President Zuma’s State of the Nation Address: Reflections on the Challenges confronting Higher Education”
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