St Augustine Papers 6 Part 2 2005

Conference Proceedings: Ut Unum Sint

  • Botha, B.  “Ut Unum Sint”
  • Buchanan, D. “Ut Unum Sint - An Anglican Perspective and Response”
  • Cragg, D. “Ut Unam Sint – A Methodist Reflects”
  • Le Bruyns, C.  “Ut Unam Sint – An Evangelical Perspective”
  • Maimela, S. “Demoninationalism – A Moral Defeat of Ut Unum Sint?”
  • Moss, R.  “The First Thousand Years:  A Contemporary Model for Papal Primacy”
  • Parry, E.  “Papal Ministry for Sale/To Let:  Ten years after Ut Unum Sint”
  • Parginos, P.  “Orthodox Ecumenical Dialogue”
  • Rakoczy, S. “Ut Unum Sint:  A Theological and Ecumenical Orientation”
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