BS Mech Eng (MIT); PhD, History (Boston College)

Prof Rowe was appointed Academic Dean in January 2014. He served as an Acting President of the College from the end of 2014 until mid-2015. He formerly held the Benjamin Ryan Chair in Religious and Values Education, and supervised the Programme in Humanities and Education at St Augustine. In January 2016, he returned to the United States together with his family, but still remains associated with the College as a research fellow and member of the Editorial Committee of St Augustine Papers.

Prof Rowe was born in the United Kingdom, and spent many years in the United States before coming to South Africa. He has been at St Augustine since 2006, when he was initially appointed as Head of the Department of Culture and Education. He has written in a variety of fields, including Atlantic history, colonialism, racial and ethnic reconciliation movements, and the humanities in higher education.  He has been recognized for his work being named as a fellow both of the Institute on Race and Social Division at Boston University and with the National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute of W. E. B. Dubois Center for Afro-American Studies at Harvard University. He is also involved in peace building and community development work, having served on boards of NGOs in the field. He is married with two children.

Lectures in Atlantic History, Modern World History, Historiography, History and Film, Colonialism and Imperialism; History of Education; Spirituality for Leadership; Peace Studies (identity-based conflict)


Research Interests:
History of Atlantic Colonialism; Teaching of World History; Christianity and Ethnicity; Social Reconciliation Movements; Peace Studies and Identity-Based Conflict


Current Research Projects:
Evangelicalism and Postcolonialism; The Role of the Humanities in Globalised World; Christianity and the Postcolony; Memory and Social Reconciliation

Areas of collaboration:
St Augustine Africa Peace Institute; Africa Peace Network; Rebecca’s Well (a social service NGO)

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