Part Time Lecturer in Philosophy

Ba Hons LLB (Wits); MPhil (Theology), MPhil (Philosophy) (St Augustine College)



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Jimmy Kyriacou is a former Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa, whose life was powerfully impacted by his discovery of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming – a branch of cognitive psychology) in 1987. Wanting to contribute more significantly to empowering people to realise their full potential, he made the shift from the practice of law, to management consulting and training, in 1991.


Jimmy has read and studied widely in numerous fields. In addition to his Legal degrees, he holds an Honours degree in Philosophy, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from a leading international university.  He is a long-time practitioner of meditation and other forms of contemporary spirituality. He was awarded a MPhil degree in Spirituality from St Augustine College in 2013 and has recently completed a second MPhil degree in Philosophy, both with distinction. He is currently working on a proposal for a PhD in Contemplative Neuroscience.

  • Education

    Ba Hons LLB (Wits); MPhil (Theology), MPhil (Philosophy) (St Augustine College)

  • Publications

    Jimmy has not yet published in any Academic journals but his Article Are We Wired for Spirituality: An Investigation into the Claims of Neurotheology has been published on and where it is regularly downloaded and occasionally cited.

  • Other Scholarly Contributions

    Jimmy delivered the 4 Spring Lectures at St George’s Anglican Church in 2016 on the topic The Mystery of the Text: A User-friendly Guide to the Interpretation of Sacred Scripture in the 21st Century and has presented talks on his MPhil (Spirituality) Dissertation A Spirituality of Emergence on a number of occasions.

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