The youngest of three children, was born in Pretoria but grew up in Somerset West in the Cape where he matriculated at the Hottentots Holland High School. 

He has a BA in Social Sciences (Unisa), a BTheol (Urbaniana), a Masters in Theology (UNISA) and a Masters and Doctorate in Philosophy from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.  He has been Vice-Rector of St Peter’s Seminary in Pretoria as well as Rector of the Cape Town Diocesan Seminary.


Dr van Heerden has published two books: Leuven Philosophy Series, C.S. Peirce Categories to Constantinople (1998) and Larry Rametti, Creation, Recreation, Consummation (2001). He has published a number of articles in scholarly journals and contributed several articles to the Christelike Ensiklopedie (2009).  He has also provided academic supervision for students involved in Master’s and Doctoral theses.

In his spare time, Dr van Heerden enjoys reading, swimming and painting with oils.


Dr van Heerden was President of St Augustine College from 2008 to 2013. When his term of office ended, he returned to the Archdiocese of Cape Town to resume duties as a Parish Priest of Durbanville Parish.

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