The Degree of Bachelor of Theology (Hons) is a two-year, part-time programme designed for students who have obtained an undergraduate degree in theology at NQF level 7 and who wish to further their qualifications at postgraduate level and ultimately gain access to further postgraduate study at Master’s level (NQF Level 9).


The course is designed for learners requiring a more specialised and in-depth study of the teachings of the Christian faith within an integrating Catholic intellectual tradition. It will guide learners to deepen their own spirituality and will also furnish them with more specialised skills that are deemed essential for leading a Christian community. The uniqueness of the course lies in its full-contact delivery offered in English in a comprehensive theological programme in which the majority of the intended learners are lay people. It is also of value in offering the academic component required by students preparing for ordained Christian ministry.

  • Modules

    • HONT401: A historical, descriptive and systematic analysis of the tasks and methods of theology
    • HONT403: The development of Christian theological thought through consideration of paradigms, periods and figures
    • HONT404: An analysis of political theology through reflection on socio-political issues
    • HONT405: In-depth analysis of five major systematic theological themes: God and Creation, Trinity, Chirstology, Soteriology and Ecclesiology
    • HONT406: Christian liturgical tradition beginning with the place of myth and symbol in human worship.
    • HONT407: Discusses skills necessary to engage in counselling from a faith relationship
    • HONT408: Faith formation as found in Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
    • HONT402: Research project of 10,000 words
  • Application

    To apply, contact:
    Mrs Petru Harrison
    St Augustine College
    P.O. Box 44782, Linden 2104 SOUTH AFRICA
    Tel: 011-380-9011
    Fax: 011-380-9211

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