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St Augustine College, 53 Ley Rd, Victory Park, Randburg, 2195, South Africa

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1 – 5 April 2020, 8h30am – 17h00excludes course material, which will vary from module to module.

Metaphysics is a fundamental and comprehensive inquiry into “what really exists”, beyond immediately familiar experience. Metaphysics then is a foundational inquiry seeking to understand all reality and all beings, including the whole world of finite, partly material changing beings and any possibly existing ultimate unchanging and immaterial being, precisely in terms of being as such.

Metaphysics investigates questions about the intelligibility, meaning, ground, sources, ultimate causes, inner structure and dynamic principles, universal properties, basic relationships and modalities of existence of being and reality as a whole, as well as the being of particular entities (including the personal being of human beings). Metaphysics is here understood as not only descriptive (a careful clarification of the ways we talk about things and their properties and their causal connections) but is also explanatory and (possibly) revisionary in its systematic and integrative inquiry into the whole of reality. It is most fundamental in its inquiry into personal being as the most “intensive” mode of finite existence.

The course will briefly outline the historical development of metaphysical (and anti-metaphysical) thinking from Aristotle and Aquinas through modern thinkers such as Descartes and Leibnitz to contemporary thinkers such as Whitehead and Heidegger. This will provide a background for the investigation and evaluation of the metaphysical explorations found in Contemporary Thomists such as Norris Clark. The question of the viability of this kind of metaphysical thinking in a post- modern age will be examined. To conclude, the relationship of metaphysical thinking to culture and to African culture in particular, will be examined.

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