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The course in Christian Business Leadership is the fruit of a longstanding dialogue with business leaders in Johannesburg.

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St Augustine College, 53 Ley Rd, Victory Park, Randburg, 2195, South Africa

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29 Feb - 1 Mar and 14 - 15 Mar 2020, (Saturday, 08h00 – 16h00 and Sunday, 09h00 – 15h30)Price Includes course material, notes, lunches and teas.

The course in Christian Business Leadership is the fruit of a longstanding dialogue with business leaders in Johannesburg.  From 1982 onwards it has been conducted in South Africa, later in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, Switzerland and Germany.  The course is based on the teaching, philosophy and pedagogy of Father Joseph Kentenich (1885-1968), and applied to the world of business as an appropriate leadership style.  Hundreds of business leaders have taken part in the course.   The programme, consisting of 10 units, aims at applying Christian social teaching to the concrete situation of a country with its socio-political, multinational and multicultural problems, and to find appropriate solutions.

CBL explores 5 themes in the teaching of Joseph Kentenich, linking them in the process to well-known and challenging areas in the business environment:

  • ORGANISM (Structure and Function)
  • ORGANISATION (Co-ordination of Functions and Groups)
  • AUTHORITY & POWER (Leadership; Conflict management)
  • PEDAGOGY OF VALUES (Morale and Job Satisfaction)
  • DIVINE PROVIDENCE (Personal Development; Spirituality of leadership; Strategic Planning)

The course is presented in 2 weekend seminars:

Seminar 1:

1.   CHRISTIAN BUSINESS LEADERSHIP FOR A SOCIETY IN TRANSITION Based on Father Joseph Kentenich’s teaching on leadership. Businesses contributing to the common good.

2.   VALUE-BASED LEADERSHIP Ethical Norms for Economic Life – Integrating values into day-to-day management. The need for self-education of the business leader.

3.   THE CHRISTIAN CONCEPT OF WORK Biblical perspectives on economic life.  From the Bible to economic ethics. Organising good and productive work; fostering the dignity of work. Developing a spirituality of work.

4.   MECHANISTIC VERSUS ORGANIC (HOLISTIC) THINKING (historical analysis) Disintegration of an organic (holistic) concept of the world and its effect on economic systems and business practice.

5.   THE PRINCIPLE OF POLARITY AND CREATIVE TENSION A positive approach to conflict management.  Conflict as creative tension.

Seminar 2:

6.   THE PRINCIPLES OF SOLIDARITY AND SUBSIDIARITY Structural Principles for a new company – Maximum participation, vitality and responsibility. Six practical principles for business leaders

7.   THE LAWS OF ORGANIC MANAGEMENT AND ORGANISATION Study of essential polarities and their application in various intermediate organisations. Business as a community of persons.

8.   LEADERSHIP AND THE EXERCISE OF AUTHORITY Basis of authority; its legitimacy and meaning;. Authority and leadership. Management vs leadership.

9.   AUTHORITY AND FREEDOM True exercise of authority and pitfalls; limitations of power; power and control. Education for the exercise of true authority.

10. PRACTICAL FAITH IN DIVINE PROVIDENCE – a spirituality for business leaders Discerning God’s will in day-to-day management for a “new Christian order of society, “witness of actions” – The business leaders as a believer and evangeliser.

Course Design and Presenters: The course was designed by Professor Edith RAIDT,  and is presented by Tony de GOUVEIA (a Clinical Psychologist) and Francis GRAHAM (a professional businessman working in the field of Human Resources).

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