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Department of Theology

Department of Theology South Africa

Department of Theology

As a Catholic institution committed to fostering the dignity of the human person in service to the common good, Theology is central to St Augustine.

Questions of who we are as human persons, what is our place and purpose in creation, who is God and what is our relationship to God, have been at the core of theological education within the Catholic Intellectual Tradition for centuries. We stand within that tradition and seek to contribute to its growth from a unique South African perspective.

Through our balanced approach to faith and reason, we engage the two major sources for theologising: Scripture-in-Tradition and human experience. This holistic and ecumenically open approach to Theology is reflected in the design of all our teaching curricula as well as our pedagogical methods.

We offer programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, ranging from the Bachelor of Theology and the Bachelor of Theology (Hons) to the MPhil and the DPhil in Theology, as well as the Higher Certificate in Biblical Studies.

If you seek to mature in your faith by making it more profound, informed and self-conscious, St Augustine is a place for you.

Ready to Join?

St Augustine offers short courses, certificate courses and a range of degrees from the bachelors through to the doctorate level, all of which are recognised and accredited by the relevant branches of South Africa’s Department of Higher Education and Training.
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