In this, the 200th anniversary year of the Catholic Church in South Africa, Club 6 000 is a joint fundraising initiative for two important institutions: St Augustine and Radio Veritas, the country’s only Catholic 'university' and Catholic radio station respectively. Club 6 000 aims to secure at least 6 000 members, each contributing R 1 000 per annum for a minimum of three years. The funds raised (to be shared on a 2:1 ratio) will be used to support various projects to which the two institutions are committed, including student bursaries, infrastructure development, and staffing and administrative support.






Click here to find out more about the Club 6000 initiative.

Committed to the values of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, through the provision of values based education, the mission of St Augustine is to produce graduates who have learnt ‘to think rigorously, so as to act rightly and to serve humanity better’. Should that mission resonate, please consider supporting St Augustine financially.

You might do so in one of two ways:

Depositing a ‘once off’ donation directly into the St Augustine bank account:

Name of Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa

Account Holder’s Name: St Augustine College of South Africa

Address of Bank: 258 Beyers Naude Drive, Black Heath, Northcliff, Johannesburg

Account Number: 022517928

Branch Code: 006305



Please ensure that you provide a reference: Donation + Initials and SURNAME (e.g., Donation A Aurelius). Please e-mail your deposit slip to so that you might formally be thanked, and that you might be furnished with a Section 18A South African Tax Deduction Certificate.


Giving a regular, monthly contribution to St Augustine by joining the Friends of St Augustine Club.

For those of you wishing to make a donation from the United States of America, please note that St Augustine is registered  with CAF America; in order to benefit from an American tax-deduction, donations must be made through CAF America. Read more about St Augustine and CAF AMERICA.


For those of you wishing to make a donation from the United Kingdom, please note that St Augustine is registered with the UK Fund for Charities; in order to benefit from a British tax-deduction,donations must be made through the UK Fund for Charities. Read more about St Augustine and the UK Fund for Charities and complete the attached Donation Form.