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St Augustine Alumni


Degree/Course completed:
Bachelor of Arts in Humanities (Literature & History) 2012

Tell us about your time at St Augustine:
St Augustine was a great experience for me as the first exposure to the real world. I actually chose it by default I googled studying arts in a Christian institution and wala!
It was a small and intimate environment but I met wonderful people. The lecturers and staff were especially awesome because they sort of became your guardian’s helping you emotionally, spiritually and etc. I grew and learnt a lot and I was more than equipped for a state university like Wits where I went to do my honors. I was the female resident officer for a year and since this was a paying job I learnt a lot in terms of trying to bridge the gap between the resident’s complaints and the staff. I also had to initiate social activities. I was part of the group who created a religious tolerance group and we even had a fundraising event together which went really well.

Tell us about your experiences since leaving the College:
I started working at Red Pepper Pictures all through a connection that Dr Rowe had in the TV and Film industry. I built such great relationships that it even led to my first job. I have been working in the TV and Film industry first as an intern on a teens lifestyle show and now I am a delivery coordinator at a distribution company. I have worked on a reality show and a documentary series. I have learnt a lot and am passionate about growing as a writer, director and producer. I have also started a business which was actually launched at St Augustine. It is called Shaywa uMoya and it is a recreational based company which helps preserve our traditional African culture.

If you could offer advice to current students, what would it be?
I would advise that you set your self up while you study. Find out who you are, what you are passionate about and start dreaming. Don’t stop there, have a plan but most importantly BE PATIENT. Trust the process with God you can never fail, He will direct you if you trust His purpose for your life.


Degree/Course completed:
Bachelor of Arts ( full Time) 2019
Law, Political Science, Psychology, and Philosophy. 2020

Tell us about your experiences since leaving the College:
I am currently the Coordinator and MIC of Rowing at Bishop Bavin School. I also volunteer as a missionary for the CFC/YFC program, where I and a team of friends plan events, conferences, leadership training, and youth programs. St Augustine has informed how I approach the ideas and arguments of others, how I understand truths and overcome my own biases. St Augustine has taught me to be open and ask critical questions.

If you could offer advice to current students, what would it be?
Pursue what you enjoy and find interesting in your studies, it makes it easier to work hard and commit.
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Xavier Mateman

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