• A ‘university’ in all senses of the word, currently, South African legislation prevents St Augustine – and other private tertiary academic institutions – calling itself a ‘university’;

  • St Augustine offers short courses, certificate courses and a range of degrees from the bachelors through to the doctorate level, all of which are recognised and accredited by the relevant branches of South Africa’s Department of Higher Education and Training;

  • Situated in the secure, leafy suburb of Victory Park, Johannesburg, St Augustine provides high quality lecturing in creative small-class formats, with personalised tuition;

  • The emphasis is on helping students to engage in critical and interdisciplinary reflection, in the light of the values of human dignity and the common good;

  • The pass rate for our degree courses is higher than that achieved at many South African universities;

  • Graduates acquire skills and discipline that employers seek in the South African workplace;

  • Graduates are equipped to serve as ethical and intellectual leaders across various sectors of society;

  • St Augustine possesses a well-stocked library covering all relevant disciplines;

  • To the benefit of its staff and students, St Augustine is a member of a global network of Catholic universities, many of which are amongst the most highly ranked universities in the world;

  • Bursaries, based on financial need, are available for deserving undergraduate students.