Short Courses

Sacramentality Reconsidered

Course Finished: 

Dr Judith Coyle, IHM 
MA (University of Notre Dame)/DTh (Unisa)

incl. course materials and refreshments

‘What Christ has done has passed over into sacraments’. St Augustine

An understanding of sacramentology is basic not only to Catholic practice and identity, but to spirituality as well. This course will consider the nature and necessity of the ‘sacramental’ in all traditions, the Christian origins of sacraments and historical developments in their theological understanding. It will then examine contemporary interpretations, especially as regards the understanding of ‘sacramental symbol’. Each of the seven sacraments will be considered in light of their revisions in the Second Vatican Council. This course would be helpful for catechists or anyone involved in teaching the Christian faith, as well as anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the ‘sacramental’ in the Christian tradition and its implications for spirituality.

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