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Meeting the Challenge of Teaching Religion in a 21st century multi-faith, multi-cultural classroom

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The cost of the course is R 1 500.00 (including course material)

Alaistair SMURTHWAITE, an academic with vast experience in Catholic Education

incl. course materials and refreshments

‘Why don’t students take religion seriously?’
When it comes to Religion classes, do your students ‘walk into class with the predisposition that religion is just a bunch of fluff.  They don’t expect to work and so they’re detached, inattentive and in many cases out of control’?

Do you sometimes end up feeling ‘hopeless, helpless and isolated’?

These are the experiences of two religion teachers.  If you share them in any way, then come along to our short course.

We will:

  • unpack the main challenges of teaching religion in faith-based schools;
  • consider the real aims of Religious Education in today’s environment;
  • evaluate a range of different solutions that have been tried in order to make the teaching of religion and morality more meaningful;
  • develop some fresh approaches to teaching religion in a multi-faith, multi-cultural faith-based school.

The Course – for which application has been made for SACE (South African Council for Education) recognition as ‘Professional Development Activity’ Courses – is offered by, inter alia, Alaistair SMURTHWAITE, an academic with vast experience in Catholic Education.

The Course will be run over a single day (6 hours).  

 Meeting the Challenge of Teaching Religion in a 21st century    multi-faith, multi-cultural classroom

  27 August

  09h00 – 16h00


Having pre-registered, on first morning of the course, please arrive between 8h30 and 9h00 for physical registration – during which time tea and coffee will be provided.  (Tea and coffee will also be provided for the mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks; participants will make their own lunch arrangements).

At the end of the Course an attendance certificate will be awarded.

For more details, please contact us at or phone us on 011 380 9000.

To register for this short course, please complete the online registration form below: 


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