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St Augustine College of South Africa has introducing both BA and BTh undergraduate education programmes in 2016.  These are special in that they are grounded in the ethos of St Augustine as an institution that is committed to the highest quality intellectual training and to the formation of individual students as ethically responsible, imaginative and creative members of society.



Our Educational Philosophy

An undergraduate education at St Augustine is a very special experience. We focus not just on ‘teaching a curriculum’ but on the intellectual, social and ethical formation of the whole person. This is only made possible by our commitment to small-group teaching, as well as by our teaching and learning philosophy.  Our goal is to educate in the best sense of the term: to draw out the potential that inheres in all people for knowing, understanding, and acting effectively in the world. 

We at St Augustine place emphasis on mastery of the disciplines that are taught, on the ability to engage in informed debate and dialogue and on the ability to communicate to a wider public what has been learned or discovered. We also actively encourage students to think across disciplinary boundaries – to see how different ways of seeing and thinking intersect with and reinforce one another.  We don’t want our graduate to be imprisoned in ‘the silos of the mind’, but to be able to see and understand the larger contexts of knowledge. Our education is thus interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary.

Beyond the academic curriculum, we take an interest in the student as a PERSON.  We ensure that our students have the support that they need to evolve into accomplished people who will contribute as citizens to the wider society, and who have the self-confidence and self-esteem to do so to maximum effect. We also ensure that each student’s well-being is taken seriously.  It is central to our educational mission. We care deeply for our students as individuals passing through a crucial passage in their lives.

The well-rounded graduates from St Augustine will be sought after by a variety of prospective employers for their wisdom, maturity, academic skills and their ability to ‘think out of the box’.   Creativity, originality and self-discipline are key ingredients in the overall education offered by St Augustine. 

Our Facilities and Teaching Staff

St Augustine has superb, state of the art, facilities. The lecture theatres are equipped with excellent audio-visual aids. There is campus-wide WiFi. There is a well-stocked library with quiet spaces in which to study, and the campus is indeed idyllic: safe, well-located and tranquil. We are within five minutes walking-distance from the Victory Park shopping mall with its many shops and the Virgin Active gym, and we are within reasonable walking distance from the Linden shops and beautiful public swimming pool.

A higher education, of course, is only as good as the institution’s teaching staff. We have been careful to hand-pick our teaching staff for their classroom skills and teaching ability.  We also follow global best-practice in our teaching policies and practices, and have an active Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee that meets regularly to address teaching and learning matters.  We also run workshops on tertiary level teaching practice.

What Students can Expect

Students can expect to experience a supportive, caring, teaching and learning environment. They can expect to be taught by highly competent, passionate, teaching staff.  They can expect, too, to enjoy the thrill of being ‘intellectually stretched’ and to graduate as well-rounded, well-informed, ethical members of society. We do make significant academic demands on our students. This helps prepare them for life-long career success, moral integrity and personal fulfilment.