Mr John Hamathi

Coordinator of the Higher Certificate in Biblical Studies & Lecturer in Theology

011 380 9081


Apart from lecturing and coordinating the HCBS at St Augustine, John is also involved in designing the diaconal training programme for the Catholic Church in South Africa.



Born in Gaborone, I joined the Regional Seminary in Chishawasha (Harare) where I attained Diploma in Philosophy and obtained B.A. Honours in Religious Studies at University of Zimbabwe. I went on to do Masters in Theology & Religious Studies at University of Botswana.

My theological interests are in African theology. For my B.A. Honours dissertation I focussed on the theological relationship between Jesus Christ and Traditional Healers (Tswana) and how the two can be reconciled. My Master’s thesis was on Inculturation Theology inspired by pastoral experience while serving in Ramotswa as a Catholic Priest.

I joined St Augustine College on the 30th of January 2017 as the Coordinator of Higher Certificate in Biblical Studies. I will also be involved in Programme Design for Certificate in Theology and lecturing.


  • Diploma in Philosophy (Regional Seminary, Harare),
  • B.A. Honours in Religious Studies (University of Zimbabwe),
  • Masters in T.R.S. (University of Botswana)


  1. SMT Journal 2011

An article on: Charismatic Renewal in the Roman Catholic Church in Botswana: A Case Study of the Interaction Between Religions of Authority and Religions of Spontaneity


Journal of Theology and Religion in Africa 35/2 (2011)

The Role of Male Circumcision in the fight against HIV/AIDS: The case of Botswana


For the past 4 years I have worked with Social Anthropologists Prof. Ryjk van Dijk (Lieden, Holland) and Dr. Astrid Bochow (Germany) on their investigations about Tswana cultural practices like Marriage, Infertility and Conception, and Botsetsi (Confinement).


Other Scholarly Contributions: 

Academic Experience:

  • A teaching Assistant at University of Botswana,
  • Part-time lecturer at Anglican Seminary (Gaborone)
  • Lecturer at Kgolagano College (affiliated to North West University).
  • Programme Designer & Lecturer at the newly accredited Leseding Academic Institute (Gaborone)

Pastoral Experience:

  • Served as Parish Parish at St. Conrad’s Catholic Mission (Gaborone Diocese), School Manager of St. Conrad’s and St. Bernard’s Primary Schools
  • Diocesan & National Spiritual Director of St. Mary’s Sodality in Botswana
  • Incharge of Inculturation in the Diocese of Gaborone
  • Chairperson of Management Board of Emmanuel Counselling Centre (Branch of Botswana Christian Intervention Programme)