Mr Charl-Pierre Naudé

Part-Time Lecturer in English Literature

BA, BA(Hons) (Stellenbosch) / MA in Creative Writing (University of the Free State

072 991 26 19

Charl-Pierre Naudé lectures English literature on second-year level. 


* Obtained Baccalaureus Artium-degree at the University of Stellenbosch (US), with Political * *   Philosophy and Classical Culture as main subjects: 1987.

* Obtained Baccalaureus Artium (Honours) degree in Philosophy at US: 1988.

* Obtained structured Magister Artium degree (two-year course) in Theory of Creative  Writing; Literary Criticism; and Creative Writing at University of the Free State (distinction): 2016.


Charl-Pierre Naude is currently writing a doctoral thesis in Philosophy at the University of the Free State, focussing on Work on Myth, by the German philosopher Hans Blumenberg. 


* Charl-Pierre is a research fellow of the department Afrikaans and Dutch, German and French, of University of Free State and an example of his output can be found here:


* He is a published writer who has garnered a number of prizes as a poet in Afrikaans and also writes in English. His latest offering is a novel in Afrikaans due out on 15 October 2019, Tafelberg Publishers, titled Die ongelooflike onskuld van Dirkie Verwey.


* In 2014/ 2015 he was the recipient of a writer’s residency bursary for 12 months, from the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) (DAAD)  in the programme: Berliner Künstlerprogramm – for the production of creative work and the delivery of lectures and readings at selected institutions in Germany. He resided in Berlin.