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Bachelor of Arts – (Full-Time)

Subjects: Literature, History, Philosophy, Politics; Academic Development and Research Skills.



January 2016



Michaela has just completed a GAP year, working to assist with financing in the home. She matriculated from Crown Christian School in 2014.

She is a hardworking, self-motivated individual who is goal-driven and accepts challenges.  She “wants to be one of the few youths in her community that makes a difference not only for herself but for others too in the world” and seeks to drive others as she is driven.

Her mother was recently retrenched, from a position that she held for 10 years. Through this experience, she has realised the need for qualifications to ensure better opportunities for employment and personal growth.

“I thought being hard working, motivated and work orientated is enough to get to the top, but times have changed and education is the key to success”

Michaela wants to travel the world and she feels that “studies at St Augustine College will help me reach this goal”.

As she is in introvert she finds herself very comfortable in the St Augustine College environment with its small classes.



Michaela would like to own her own business, thus decreasing the unemployment rate and helping others to better their lives.  She would specifically like to own a photography studio and further her studies in Law.