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Alumni Association


"A group of twelve of us gathered to connect with each other,
to hear an update from Garth about all the plans
the College has in place to weather the difficult economic
and political path all educational institutions are currently facing
and discuss some of the vision and plans
of the Alumni Assosciation for 2016.

As the Alumni Task Team we are committed to building
a platform in 2016 from which the Alumni Association
can grow in its ability to create space for the alumni
to ongoingly reconnect with each other and support
the College in multi-faceted and meaningful ways. 

Our next event will be the Feast of St Augustine
on Friday 26 August 2016 (more details to follow)."


The Alumni Task Team (Curtis, Lois and Nontando)



Have you completed your studies at St Augustine but would like to stay connected and support the college in multi-faceted and meaningful ways? Please join the alumni association, it's a great opportunity to reconnect with the college and other alumni and alumnae. To join send an email to: