Department of Peace Studies

Peace Studies

This is a young and growing field. St Augustine Private Tertiary Institution has a number of interesting offerings in this field.

BA(Honours) in Peace Studies
St Augustine College offers a BA(Honours) degree in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. The programme, based on the principles of human dignity, common good and justice, is a two-year, part-time programme designed for students who intend, upon graduation, to enter into one of the following fields of activity:

  • Peace-building, peace-keeping and post-conflict reconstruction work with NGOs and INGOs, governmental and inter-governmental organisations and local community development organisations.
  • Research and scholarship in the broad field of peace studies including war and conflict prevention, non-violent approaches to post-conflict reconstruction and violence recovery and institutional and community capacity building.

The programme is scheduled to run during a two-week teaching block.  A research project is required and must be finished within the two year period.  

Africa Peacebuilding Institute (API)
The Africa Peacebuilding Institute (API), is a month-long pan-African and intensive peace education initiative targeting peace-building practitioners. API provides a unique reflective learning environment for African peace practitioners to study in Africa and with Africans (bolstering solidarity) and to interact with others involved with peace-building work from across the continent. API is organised by the Private Tertiary Institution in Collaboration with the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). 

The Civilian Peace-building Capacity Seminar, This week-long Seminar aims at the formation of civilian peacekeepers by increasing civilian competencies and readiness to respond to the increased demand of expertise in peacekeeping, peace-building and conflict management on the African continent and around the world in complex situations. The Course emphasizes the need for developing reflective and critical capacities of participants based on core values that inform and motivate peace-building activities (i.e. human dignity and common good) and providing the legal and institutional frameworks that guide peace operations. This Seminar is organised by the Private Tertiary Institution in collaboration with Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy. 

Benefits of the Courses
The Peace Studies programmes offer a number of outstanding benefits which include:

  • Opportunities to debate with students who have first-hand experience of the realities of peacebuilding in a variety of African contexts. 
  • Engagement with lecturers who are experts in the field about the critical questions of peacebuilding. 
  • Preparation of graduates to work with local and international NGOs and governmental organisations, schools and local community development organisations. 
  • Practical skills in conflict resolution, social entrepreneurship, community reconstruction and early warning and early responses. 
  • Development of professional networks to help participants strengthen their future efforts.