Alphabetic List of Academic Staff

Full time and part time

Chellew, Ms Bernadette (Coordinator of the Higher Certificate in Biblical Studies' Programme)
011 380 9081

Coyle, Dr Judith, IHM (Acting Head of School, Senior Lecturer & Co-ordinator of Postgraduate Studies in Theology)
011 380 9038

Juma, Dr Mulanda ['Jimmy'] (Senior Lecturer in Peace Studies / Post-Doctoral Research Fellow)
011 380 9052

Karecki, Dr Madge, SSJ-TOSF (President of the College / Lecturer in Missiology)
011 380 9030

O’Hagan, Ms Peggy (Tutor)
011 380 9082

Rontsch, Ms Gisela (Tutor)
011 380 9028

Rowe, Prof Nicholas (Academic Dean, Professor of History & Head of School: Humanities and Education)
011 380 9051

Smurthwaite, Prof Marilise (Acting Registrar / Proctor / Head of Department: Applied Ethics and Peace Studies Prof of Ethics)
011 380 9033

Szypula, Dr Wojciech (Lecturer in Theology)
011 380 9044

Urbaniak, Dr Jakub (Senior Lecturer in Theology / Marketing Officer)
011 380 9086

Walmsley, Prof. Gerard (Professor & Director of Philosophy)
011 380 9050


Visiting Academic Staff

  • Akal, Anthony, BA (Hons) (UNISA) MA, PhD (Natal), (Principal – St Henry’s College)
  • Badenhorst, Marthinus, BTh (Urbaniaum) Sacra Teologica Licensia (Angelicum) (Lecturer –St Joseph’s Theological Institute)
  • Baker, Ann, Masters in Education Leadership (Australian Catholic University)
  • Bate, Stuart, BSc(Hons) (Natal), L Missiology, PUG (Rome), ThD (UNISA)(Adjunct Professor, UKZN)
  • Bekker, Jacobus, BIuris (UOFS), MPub Admin, DAdmin (UFS) (Professor - UOFS)
  • Boner, Kathleen, BA, HDE (UCT), BA(Hons), MA, PhD (UNISA) (Professor Emeritus – North West)
  • Bouckaert, Luk, DPhil (Paris) (Professor of Economics and Professor Emeritus of Ethics - KU Leuven)
  • Bujo, Bénézet, Bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Theology (Lovanium/Kinshasa), Doctoral studies Würzburg and Munich, DD and DHabil (Würzburg) (Professor – Freiburg)
  • Chellew, Bernadette, BEd (Rome), Diploma in Adult Religious Education (Institute of Adult Religious, Mount Oliver, Ireland), HED (PG) (UNISA), BA (Pretoria)
  • Coffey, Martin, BA (Univ Coll Dublin), Bac Theol (Milltown Inst Theology and Philosophy, Dublin), LP and DPh (Gregorian) (Priest in Passionist Community)
  • Cunningham, Lawrence, AB (St Bernards Coll Seminary), STL (Gregorian), MA, PhD (Florida State) (Professor of Theology - Notre Dame)
  • Decock, Paul, MA (Natal), DTh (Gregorian) (St Joseph’s Theological Institute)
  • Derkse, Wil, MSc, MPhil (Nijmegen), DPhil (Amsterdam) (Radboud Professor of Philosophy - Eindhoven)
  • Evans, Jean, BA (Russell College), AA (San Franciso City College), MA (San Francisco), DTh (UNISA)
  • Faller, Paul, BA (UNISA), MPhil (St Augustine College ZA)
  • Finn, Patricia, BEd, MEd (Pontifical Auxilium, Rome), MEd, DEd (UNISA)
  • Fresen, Patricia, Primary Teachers’ Cert, Grahamstown TC, BA (Potchefstroom),
  •      B Th, STL (St Thomas, Rome), DTh (UNISA)
  • Fuchs, Ottmar, DTheol and DTheol Habil (Würzburg) (Professor University of Tübingen)
  • Ghesquière, Rita, Lic (Philology), DLitt et Phil (Leuven) (Professor – KU Leuven)
  • Hartin, Patrick, BA (UNISA), STB, STL (Gregorian), DTh (in Ethics), DTh (in New Testament) (UNISA) (Professor - Gonzaga)
  • Hinwood, Bonaventure, BA(Hons) (Witwatersrand), MBibl (Pretoria), STD (Antonianum) (Priest - St Sophia Friary)
  • Huysmans, Ruud, DLaws, Pontifical Lateran (Professor of Penal and Process Law - Leuven)
  • Jans, Jan, PhD and DSac Theol (Catholic Univ of Louvain) (Professor of Moral Theology - Tilburg)
  • Karecki, Madge, BA (Loyola), MA (St Bonaventure), DTh (UNISA)
  • Katongole, Emmanuel, BPhil (Urbanianum), Dip Theol and Relig (Makerere), BD (Urbanianum), two MAs and PhD (Leuven) (Associate Research Professor – Duke University, USA)
  • Kourie, Celia, BA (Hons) (Lancaster), MTh, DTh (UNISA) (Professor - UNISA)
  • Kruger, Kobus, DTh (UNISA) (Professor - UNISA)
  • Langa, Clement, Bachelor of Philosophy (Urbanium), BTh (Marianum), MTh (Natal), DTh (Unisa)
  • Lindegger, Graham, BA (UNISA), BA(Hons) (Clin Psych), MA, PhD (Natal)(Professor – UKZN)
  • Marsay, Gloria, Teachers Dip (JCE), Dip Spec Ed, BA (UNISA) BEd, MEd, (Ed Guidance), MEd (Ed Psych), DEd (Ed Psych)(RAU) Ed Psychologist)
  • Matolino, Bernard, BA BA(Hons) (Natal), MA, PhD (Philosophy) (KwaZulu Natal)
  • McCormick, John, BA, HED (PG), BA (Hons) (Witwatersrand), (CIE)
  • McLaughlin, Denis, Dip T, BA, BEd, MEd (Qld), PhD (London) (Associate Professor - Australian Catholic University)
  • Mothlabi, Mokgethi, MA (Chicago Theol Seminary), PhD (Boston Coll) (Professor- UNISA)
  • Neale-Shutte, Augustine, BA (UCT), MA, DPhil (Stell) (Retired Senior Lecturer - UCT)
  • Neyrey, Jerome, BA, MA, PhL (St Louis), MDiv, MTh (Regis College, Toronto) PhD (Yale) STL (Weston School of Theology) (Professor – Notre Dame)
  • Nsope, Alfred, Dip Theol (St Peters Major Seminary, Malawi) MA/Licentiate in Theol (Catholic University of Eastern Africa (AMECEA), DPhil (St Augustine College ZA)
  • O'Neill, Edmund, Dip Phil, BD (Maynooth), JCB, JCL (St Paul) BCL, MCL (Ottawa), DPhil (St Augustine ZA)
  • Paulin-Campbell, Annemarie, BA (Witwatersrand), BA (Hons) (Unisa), Master of Educational Psychology (Witwatersrand), BA in Christian Spirituality (London), DPhil
  • Plastow, Thomas, BA, HDE (UCT), MA Philosophy (Heythrop, London), BST (Urbanium), MA Theology (Catholic Theological Union, Cicago)
  • Potterton, Mark, BA, BEd, MEd (Witwatersrand) 
  • Racionzer, Douglas, BSocSc, PG Dip (Psych Soc Wk) (UCT), MPhil (Applied Ethics) (St Augustine College ZA)
  • Rakoczy, Susan, BA (Marygrove Coll), MA (Fordham), PhD (Cath Univ of America) (Senior Lecturer - St Joseph’s Theological Institute)
  • Rose, Graham, BCom, LLB (Witwatersrand), DD (Maynooth) (former Rector St John Vianney Major Seminary), Bishop of Dundee - KZN
  • Rossouw,Gedeon, BA(Hons), BTh, MA, Lic in Theol, DPhil (Stell) (Professor – UP)
  • Ryan, Charles, BSc (Cork), BD STL (Angelicum Rome), STD (Alphonsianum, Rome), BCL (Angelicum) (Lecturer - St Joseph’s Theological Institute)
  • Scheidler, Monika, MA Ed, PhD (Munster) (University of Fribourg, Switzerland).
  • Schmuhl, Robert, BA (Notre Dame), PhD (Indiana) (Professor - Notre Dame)
  • Stegmann, Franz, DTh (Munich) (Professor Emeritus - Bochum)
  • Stokes, Clifford, BA (UCT), BTh (Urbanianum), JCL, LCL, DCL (St Paul), BCL, MCL, Ph D (Ottawa) (Archdiocese of Cape Town)
  • Tanner, Norman, Lic in Phil (Heythrop), BA, MA, DPhil (Oxon), BTh (Gregorian) (Professor - Gregorian)
  • Tlhagale, Buti, BA (UBLS), BTh and Licentiate (Gregorian) (Archbishop of Johannesburg)
  • Valkenberg, Pim, DTheol (Catholic Theological University of Utrecht) (Associate Professor - Nijmegen)
  • Van Tongeren, Paul, MA Theol, MA Philosophy, PhD (Leuven) (Professor - Radboud University, Nijmegen)
  • Waaijman, Cornelis, BTh, MTh (Nijmegen) (Professor – Radboud University, Nijmegen)
  • Wallace, James, BA (Catholic Univ), MS (Canisius College), EdD (Syracuse)(La Salle College)
  • Walton, Kevin, Diploma of Education (Catholic College of Education, Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia)
  • Whitt, Reginald, BA (Loyola), STB (Dominican House of Studies), JD (Duke), JCL, JCD (Cath Univ of America) (Associate Professor - Notre Dame)
  • Williams, Oliver, BSc Chem Eng, MTh (Notre Dame), PhD (Vanderbilt) (Professor- Notre Dame)