Length and General Structure of Master of Philosophy degrees

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All Master’s Degrees at St Augustine are Master of Philosophy degrees with specialisations in different areas. This means that the degrees, which cover a variety of topics (see below), deal with the philosophical considerations in these subjects and their application.

The degrees of Master of Philosophy are offered on a part-time basis,either by a combination of course work and research or by research only. The course work consists of various modules, each completed over one quarter (three months) which includes an intensive week of lectures.


Option 1: Course work and a short Research Paper

Students need to do 7 taught modules and 1 Research Paper.  All the taught modules require students to attend one week of lectures, to do assignments and to write a form of examination.  The Research Paper should be no more than 18 000 words on a topic of the students choosing, related to their area of study.

Option 2: Course work and a longer Research Paper

With special permission from Senate, a student may do four modules and a Research Paper of 30 000 words.

Option 3: Master’s by research only

A student for a degree of Master of Philosophy in Applied Ethics, Culture and Education, Philosophy, Religious Education and Pastoral Theology or in Theology, can do a Research Master’s in one academic year of full-time study or part-time over two academic years.  Students will study under the guidance of a supervisor appointed by Senate. The advanced study and research shall normally be in the subject in which the candidate passed an Honours degree or an equivalent examination.  The research dissertation  is submitted to Senate on completion and should be no more than 60 000 words.