BTh Bachelor in Theology

The Undergraduate Programme of Theology is committed to teaching students to think critically both about their faith and the world in which they live.  The Bachelor of Theology has three aims: to give students a solid foundation in theology that is not only based on a Catholic perspective, but is based on ecumenical dialogue and engagement; to develop Christian leaders who are able to help the church deal with the many challenges which face South Africa; and to help students grow in their faith.

In the course of the degree, students study Church History, Christian Ethics, Pastoral Theology (including a course in Psychology), Systematic Theology (including two courses in Philosophy) and Biblical Studies.


Biblical Studies, Church History, Christian Ethics, Pastoral Theology, Systematic Theology.


Beginning in 2013 the BTh is a set course of studies, ensuring that students major in the primary areas of Systematic Theology and Biblical Studies throughout the entire programme. The modules are offered in evening sessions alternating every other year so as to accommodate part-time students.