BA in Humanities

Research consistently demonstrates that leaders in all sectors of society, government, business, legal practices, medicine and education who have a solid intellectual grounding in the liberal arts, especially the humanities, perform particularly well in their chosen fields. 

Our BA options include English Literature, History, Philosophy, Psychology and Political Science.

The distinctive features of the St Augustine degree are:

  • the acquisition of a wide range of transferable skills which are highly sought after in the local and global marketplace.
  • the ability to develop to become a creative and critical thinker who is able to ask tough questions and who will know how to go about finding answers to such questions. 
  • the fluency  gained in understanding the multicultural society in the local and global context.
  • the ethical leadership skills developed during the degree.


English Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Politics, History, Geography and Communications and Cultural Studies.


The minimum requirement needed to study for a BA at St Augustine is a Matric, a National Senior Certificate or being a mature student.


This is a three year full time degree with a few compulsory modules.