Alumni and Friends


St Augustine College has a growing alumni body.  As alumni, you are welcome to attend the public lectures that are offered at the College.  If you are not already receiving notification of our events please contact Val Thornton on 011 38 9031 or email her at

Friends of St Augustine

These are a very special group of people who have helped to enrich the life of the College, either through the work they have done for us or through their financial donations.  We are very grateful to these people who have helped to make it possible for the College to flourish.  As a non-profit, independent institution, we are dependent on outside donations to help us meet our annual expenses as the fees of the students, which are kept in line with State universities, do not meet all our expenses.


St Augustine is closely involved with IkamvaYouth, an organisation which works with learners from township-based secondary schools to help them improve their grades, access quality post-school opportunities and return to help others do the same. IkamvaYouth accepts learners based on their motivation to participate, as opposed to their academic results; most learners have averages well below 50% when they join.

IkamvaYouth's impact reaches beyond individual successful learners as a result of our democratic approach to leadership and developing civic awareness in the communities in which we work. At its core, IkamvaYouth addresses the challenges of urban poverty and inequality perpetuated by South Africa's education crisis.